Jan Jaeken is in charge of the Milvus energy practice. He is also the Chairman of FLUX50, the spearhead cluster for energy of the Flemish Government. Flux50 supports more than 150 large and small member companies as well as research institutions to develop innovative energy projects in Flanders and Europe.

Milvus is currently expanding "Samen Klimaatactief" (translated: Together Climate Active), initiated by the City of Antwerp, throughout Flanders. "Samen Klimaatactief" is an active tool to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in offices, light industry, retail and also large apartment buildings. It consists of 3 parts:

(1) a public website with a step-by-step plan per business segment

(2) a digital matchmaking platform that links for free companies and apartment buildings that want to take energy efficiency measures or start up renewable energy projects with companies that offer such products or services. Sofar "Samen Klimaatactief" has facilitated over 120 projects.

(3) an active informal business network.


Jan Jaeken advises companies on starting up their Benelux activities which are often energy-related. Sharp strategic insight is translated into a concrete business plan and possibly implemented through a strong hands-on approach.

Milvus often works under the radar for top consultancies and large international investment funds. We give our opinion on opportunities and obstacles in the energy sector and how to tackle them in concrete terms.

Milvus makes a particularly extensive but especially effective personal network available to its clients.


Milvus increasingly works for governments: workshops on the in / outs of the energy market and policy preparation work for regulators and energy agencies, among others. Milvus is also involved in drawing up the 2030 Climate Plan for the City of Antwerp.

To support international clients even better, Milvus is a partner of EE-Consult, the well-known German energy consultancy that specializes in Energiewende, E-Mobility and grid codes. Milvus and e-e-Consult together translate the do's / don'ts from the Energiewende to the Benelux.

Jan is also a BREEAM Certified International Assessor from BRE (Watford, UK). This allows him to make the increasingly important link between the energy world and the construction and real estate sector.