LEAN Exams

In 2014 IIBLC® (International Independent Board for Lean Certification) has accredited Milvus as their official Lean Certification Partner for Czech Republic.   We organize the IIBLC® theoretical exams and coordinate the exam registration process quarterly in Prague.

To participate to the examination three options are available:

  • If you feel you are ready as you followed a training before or you built up a broad experience in Lean just test your knowledge in Lean and subscribe now.    There is no obligation at all to follow whatever training!
  • In order to prepare for the examination we advise you to consult the Book of Knowledge.    This book contains the exam content of all three levels: Green belt, Black belt and Champion and is a great help for self-study.    Please contact us if you want to order one.
  • We also offer specific training to prepare for the examination.   Further information is available at the training page.
  • Further information is available at: IIBLC. On this website you find a list of all examination centers with their contact details.   Please note that all exams are in English.