Who should attend?

Certification level Examination Test type Who should attend?
CGBL - Certified Green Belt in Lean

Basic concepts and  techniques of Lean

Written test

Project team members

All professionals involved in Lean transformation

CBBL - Certified Black Belt in Lean

Advanced tools and  techniques of lean as well as  multiple human skills

Written test and practical case study Decision makers (Project leader) who participate bringing a Lean culture in their organization.

Consultants (internal and external), lecturers, instructors and teachers who wish to validate and optimize their competences.

CChL - Certified Champion in Lean

Specific tools and  techniques of Lean that are applicable in every domain (manufacturing, administration, healthcare, logistics, maintenance, etc) including design for lean.   Human dynamics are intensively included Written test and practical case study Lean Manager , Continuous Improvement Manager, Senior management or consultants who lead Lean implementation.

Directors who master the basics of Lean and wish to understand all the financial, human and organizational implications of launching a Lean project across the organization.