IIBLC® Certified Green Belt in Lean

This training is a full preparation for the “Certified Green Belt in Lean” IIBLC® examination. We focus on applying Lean tools and techniques in Production and Services environment (transactional processes like Procurement to Pay, Receivables to Cash, Recruitment to Retire, Customer Services and all administrative processes).

As an introduction to Lean we look at the history of Lean, the house of Toyota and the Toyota Production System and its components.
Then we address the value of working with the Lean methodology and tools in your company. We start with the value we can add to the customer: 7+1 waste, lead time components and effects of shorter lead times.
Next the Value Stream Map will be discussed in depth since this is the backbone of Lean. We will learn you all steps to set up a value stream map, how to create flow, eliminate waste and reduce lead times. Tools like: takt-time, one-piece flow, FIFO, 5S, SMED will be taught through concrete examples. To sustain all improvements we will focus on Kaizen, Standardized work, Poka-Yoke and visual management.
On top of the lean tools and principles also project management topics are covered like:
PMI roadmap, DMAIC roadmap, Some Six Sigma tools (data analysis), Roles definition within the project team and last but not least the human dynamics within project management.

Project leaders, Team members and Sponsors of Lean projects or people in the organization participating in the lean transformation of their company.
Consultants (internal or external) who lead lean transformation or want to prepare for training.

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