PROJECT TEAM training: working with people

The ability to effectively manage projects has become an increasingly important skill. However, many project managers are not always able to successfully lead projects due to a lack of the necessary management skills.   We foresee a 4-days training where we capture a balanced tool set of hard and soft skills to bring your project to successful completion.

Commonly referred to as "soft skills", interpersonal skills include leadership, communication, negotiation, expectations management, influencing, problem-solving and decision-making.  "Hard skills", that is, the mainly technical aspects of the project manager's role, generally involve the creation of a tangible deliverable such as a work breakdown structure, project schedule, critical path diagram, project budgets, dashboards, and so forth.

The program of Milvus has been designed to provide a balanced training of these hard and soft skills.   We will support you in “what” to do and “how” to do it from project initiation till completion.    By means of several exercises you will learn how to apply the tools.    Special attention will be given to team work: team organization, team engagement and team decision making.

Project leaders,  team members, sponsors and all employees participating in projects.

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